Jrmar Jefferson for Congress

my name is Jrmar Jefferson, and I’m running for Congress. I’m committed to help all Americans restore our inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. No government has a right to take this away from us. Yet, this is violated every day, when government compels us to send our children to substandard schools, and charges taxpayers more than three times the cost of some of the best religious schools.

I believe the time has come to place principle over party. I am a Democrat. Yet, I am proud to teamed up with Republicans, Libertarians, Constitutionalists and Independents, who are determined to restore the freedom of families to choose the better way of life.

“Government corruption is the reason people don’t believe and trust in the Government. Improved, more efficient education will greatly reduce taxes, crime and the political strife that has gripped our nation. I am proud to be work with Democrats, Republicans, Independents United to place principle over party.”

A Better America!
Jrmar Jefferson

This will enable us to usher in a new era, with liberty and justice for all, where every child has the opportunity for a blessed and fruitful life, and taxpayers are no longer ripped off by hundreds of billions of dollars annually for substandard services of all kinds.I ask for your vote and your support.